Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvP
  2nd Focus Roleplay
  3rd Focus PvE
Size Small but growing
Guild Master Sidonius
Contacts Sidonius, Amahte, Obrac, Ella
City Pontain

XIII is a military unit emphasizing the spirit of camaraderie, achievement and self improvement. Its ambitious members pride themselves on their dedication and commitment to becoming a successful guild in all matters in Age of Conan; player vs player, player vs environment, and crafting.

We are a neutral-light roleplay guild that welcomes everyone in Hyboria from all walks of life and professions; any who are curious to drop by our forums, relax, read, and maybe even join us in game on the Cimmeria server with an adventure, a story, or a brawl or two. And any who are interested in joining us - feel free to read our rules under Martial Law and our Recruitment Policy.

XIII aims at end game content eventually - raids and sieges. However, in order for members to maintain close ties of camaraderie and friendship with each other, we have decided to grow on a word to mouth basis using friendly relations with people we meet in the game. It's not always about the goal, it's about the journey.