Waeve Blackfire
Waeve picture000
Game Information
Game Name Waeve
Race Stygian
Class Necromancer
Professions Necromancer
Height 7 feet
Weight 200 pounds
Build Muscular
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Alignment Evil


A tall, darkly skinned man, Waeve is often identified by his haunted eyes, eyes that have seen things mortal man was not meant to see nor understand. While he is well muscled, Waeve's true power lies his knowledge of the arcane. Waeve picture001


Waeve is a Necromancer in truest form. He associates with few, and trusts fewer. He has no qualms about using anyone he needs to get what he desires. At the same time, Waeve has his own strict code of honor, and will not kill without reason.


Born a Stygian Noble and destined for great things, Waeve's life collapsed when in the dark of night, a dark Necromancer took him from his home, intent at first with using the young noble as a sacrifice in a dark rite. Just before the knife that would have taken his life plunged into his chest, Set marked the young boy as his own and demanded the Necromancer train Waeve in his arcane art.

With only the clothing on his back and the vague directions given by the spirit of his Former master Waeve set out to find others who knew of the underworld and the workings of death. As he traveled the length and breadth of Stygia, Waeve soon came to realize that true mastery of the Arcane nature of death would earn him numerous, powerful enemies. What he did not count on however, was the fact that as his knowledge grew, he began to draw the attention of powerful forces...

When first brought before Thoth-Amon, Waeve showed no fear, and spoke to the powerful sorcerer as though speaking to a fool. In one of lesser ability, this would have earned naught but a lingering, painful death. But Thoth-Amon is no fool, and knew that one of such power could be useful, if he could be properly controlled. With this in mind, the sorcerer marked Waeve as his, destroying his mind, and imprisoning his soul.

Having recovered some of his past, and knowing that Thoth-Amon is at the heart of his loss, Waeve now seeks to regain what was taken from him and in true form, will stop at nothing to get what he feels is his by right.

May Set have mercy on those who oppose him