Sydilla Careda Cicurina
Game Information
Game Name Cicurina
Title(s) Priestess
Nickname(s) Sydilla, Syd, (to her personal family and friends) or Cicurina
Race Aquilonian
Class Priest of Mitra
Height 5'4"
Weight 115
Build Petite
Gender Female
Hair Short blonde, with a wave among the ends
Eyes Green
Age 19
Alignment Lawful Good


Cicurina once wore the garb of the traditional priestess - a simple light robe, with her hood around her face. However, now she wears what fits her best in her new fate. She is rather pleasant to look at, bearing no scars, and only small blemishes. Her skin might be a bit dry from the sea life, or her hair oily and unwashed. She usually smells of some nice oil.


Cicurina is a forgiver at heart, and gentle. She finds it easy to forgive many things, and is mostly a pushover and weak-willed because of it. She dedicates herself to healing others, when she is able to. She has a weakness for finer things, and pines for the riches she once had in her nobler childhood. She is frightened easily, and will often hide behind Captain Keelhaul, waiting for her time to heal or bless someone.


Once known as Sydilla Careda, she grew up within a noble house of Aquilona, and was the younger of two sisters. They were lavished with richly goods, but when Sydilla reached puberty, she often attracted more attention from suitors than her sister. Her sister twisted her power to have Sydilla pushed into a Mitran convent, where Sydilla was stripped of her gorgeous clothing and jewelery.

Sydilla at first was nearly murderously envious and vengeful, but the priestesses and faith slowly taught her to forgive over the years. She tried her best to take only one pleasure to heart, and that is her much-loved baths and oils. When she reached 19, she felt she wasted her life within the convent, and begged to go into the world to serve others under the blessing of Mitra. She intended to sacrifice her safety and protection to find those in need of healing.

And so she did, when she stepped into the town of Tortage, as a missionary. WIthin her first minutes, she was ravaged by a pirate Captain, Keelhaul, and struggled to forgive him. As she was dragged after him, and captured, she has slowly learned to find value in her new faith, and a challenge - to forgive one of the most violent rapists, murders, and pirates despite any of his actions, and to convert the heathen. She stays close to him for protection, though often hides her face from others in shame, and even seems fond of him. In their bedchambers, her affection is threefold.