Reidra Krastinov
Game Information
Game Name Reidra
Race Aquilonian
Class Dark Templar
Height notably short
Weight heavy for her size
Build tough; strong, but not masculine
Gender Female
Hair black
Eyes deep brown
Age 24
Alignment Chaotic Evil


While not 'pretty' in the traditional sense, Reidra certainly has a striking appearance. She stands head-and-shoulders below the average man, and -- almost as though compensating for it -- has a muscular build, her limbs corded and toned from years of work. She wears her pure-black hair long, a questionable decision for a warrior, and pulled back in a tight ponytail with a plain white band. Her eyes are a deep shade of copper flecked with red; her cheeks and eye-sockets are bruised and dark, as one who sees few hours of rest. She has a pale complexion dotted with scars, and wears no fancy marks or make-up.

It is rare to see her dressed in any other way but masculine and business-oriented, either in heavy armor or lighter leather garb for lazing about around the tavern. However, she is completely aware of how easily some men are swayed by feminine charms, and will change her look accordingly if the need arises.


Reidra is out for herself, pure and simple, and fails to understand anyone whose outlook differs from her own. She is young, haughty, and quick-tempered, often getting herself into trouble with the wrong people simply because she refuses to back down and bite her tongue. She views the world very much in black and white -- people are either useful and interesting, or useless and below her notice. As such, she rarely makes true friendships, and can be a painfully difficult person to get to know.

In battle, Reidra is prone to sadism and bloodlust, and her determination to see her foes dead at her feet is reflected in the energy she channels as a Dark Templar.


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