Primal Fury
Guild/Group Guild
Guild Master Darkberserker

  • Guild name: Primal Fury
  • Guild Website:
  • Main Time Zone: Australasia UTC/GMT +10 hours
  • Guild Leader or Recruiter: Darkberserker (Guild Leader)
  • Guild category (PvE,PvP,Raid,Other): All
  • Roleplay: Not Hardcore
  • Voice: Yes
  • Recruiting members status: Open
  • Server type: RP-PvP
  • Platform (PC, Xbox360): PC

About UsEdit

Primal Fury is a guild of mature gamers who started playing online games way back in the early days of Ultima Online. Our core group of members have played most MMORPG’s and have run guilds on all under various guild names. Two years ago we created Primal Fury and will now be carrying that name to all future MMORPG’s we play.

Primal Fury is a fun and friendly guild of mature people. We strive to create a community for the Australian time zone players. We are a social bunch who not only like to meet online but we also organize social events like our famous BBQ’s where we can meet our players in real life and develop friendships.

In game we always strive to be community leaders and be viewed as the honorable guild that we are.

Contact In-game Edit

If you ever need to contact us in-game you can try one of the following officers.

Forum Name In-game Name
Rizen Rizen
Daworm Deva
Wolfborn Wolfborn
Misconduct Misc
Weezer Arcis
Boomshakalaka Boombrecha