Game Information
Game Name Potfish
Race Cimmerian
Class Ranger
Professions Shadowfoot, Silencer, Temptress
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Alignment Neutral Evil


Although Potfish was raised in perhaps the most horrific of environments and constantly put under traumatizing stress, she is one of the most physically seductive beings in all of Hyboria. Potfish has no interest in pleasuring other people, however, which leads any man or woman attempting to spend a night with her to their untimely doom. Ever since she was a slave to the Picts, no person has ever been able to spend a night with Potfish and returned to tell the tale, for they never returned at all.


Although a valiant protector of the citizens of Hyboria, Potfish is known for her brutal, dirty, ruthless and savage tactics when in combat. She never hesitates to take full advantage of another person's misfortunes, nor will she hesitate to vanish and never return when she senses a catastrophic situation. She uses every known dirty maneuver to make her enemies suffer. Her quick reflexes, exceptional speed and cagey attitude makes Potfish one of the most evasive beings in all of Hyboria. As such, Potfish has become known as the Shadowfoot, Silencer and Temptress.


Many years ago, the parents of a young and innocent girl were horrendously slaughtered at the hands of the vicious Picts. The father's spinal cord was torn from his back and used as a club to violently smash the mother's body. With the mother barely clinging to life, her intestines were ripped from her body and used to strangle her until blood spurted out of her eyes, nose and mouth, followed by her death. The father, although obviously deceased, had his knee caps bent and twisted until they snapped, simply to amuse the Picts.

The child, petrified and quaking in fear, was taken by the abominations. Once at a Pictish camp, the girl was given one of the most awkward of Pictish names - Potfish. Potfish was treated as a slave and forced to perform the most gruesome of tasks. As she aged, Potfish became excruciatingly beautiful. Although a curse to Potfish, the Picts used her seductive body for immense amounts of endless pleasure. Eventually, after being unable to withstand such torture any longer, Potfish exploded into a firestorm of ferocious bloodlust. She became an unstoppable force and hideously brutalized her slave masters.

Raging, yet satisfied, Potfish scavenged what she could and left the Pictish camp. With little knowledge of her surroundings, she lived on her own in the treacherous wilderness. It was here that she learned. She learned how to stalk her unaware prey. She learned to not be seen when she wished. Her accuracy became pinpoint and her ability to elude her assailants became unparalleled.

Confident in her abilities, Potfish left the wilderness in the pursuit of her own destiny. As she entered the Cimmerian society, she made a vow that, under no circumstances, would any creature in all of Hyboria use her body for pleasure again...