Novus Invictus
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvP
Size ~30
Guild Master Skaw
Contacts Skaw, Xilek, Belados, Toonces, Kjrr

Five odd years or more ago, legion stood at arms on legs.

Crushed beneath a greater foe, what was legion turned to dregs.

Suns and moons and months and years.

Thrown before the fates, it begs.

Blood and sweat and blades and tears.

Lost to honor, life, and kegs.

That is where that story ends.

To it, though, this one appends.

Now it seems those left return; two lost dregs by chance unite.

Returned at last for what they yearn; seeking to reforge their might.

Gathering, resurgence nears.

Cowards by the new king's right.

Presently, the past appears.

Sound the call to all who fight.

For themselves they claim a region.

Born anew. A sovereign legion.