Game Information
Game Name Lyte
Race Cimmerian
Class Conqueror
Guild Dauntless Reverie
Build well built
Gender Male
Hair blonde
Eyes blue
Alignment Chaotic Good


Lyte is a tall, well built, blonde haired half Cimmerian, half AEsir. He sports long hair and a straight beard, and usually has either a menacing scowl or a cheerful smile to split his beard.


Usually jovial and friendly with both longtime friends and new acquaintances, he can be quick to anger if someone he is unfamiliar with insults or causes harm to someone he cares about.


After his mother's death at his birth, his Cimmerian family tried to raise him as best they could, but being a half breed never sat right with those who raised him. Lyte left home at a young age in search of his father in the north, but was unsuccessful. Having traveled the land searching for a purpose, he has found other like minded souls who are out of place in the world at large and seek comradre.