Lona Guhltet
Game Information
Game Name Lona
Race Stygian
Class Assassin
Guild The Blackteeth
Professions Artist/Doer of Odd Jobs
Height 5'1"
Build Slightly Muscular
Gender Female
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Golden
Alignment Neutral


Lona is roughly average height, perhaps a bit shorter, for a Stygian woman. She is somewhat muscular, but is overall lean in build. Her skin is dark, an asset when you spend a good deal of your time hiding in the shadows, with a large tattoo covering her neck, shoulders and the top of her chest. Gold eyes are made to stand out by kohl smeared on her bottom lids in a decorative form. She keeps her fairly long hair in a series of tight braids that are often beaded and decorated during the day and in a more social setting. When at work or on the move they remain unadorned; shiny, noisy objects drawing too much outside a certain few settings.


Lona leads a double life. By daylight she paints portraits for the wealthy, while earning her real living doing an assortment of odd jobs from the shadows. She does not revel in being a thief, and is no crazed murderer, but she understands that nimble fingers have many uses and one must make a life for their self. She is quiet, though not terribly shy. While she doesn't mind the exchange of a few words, socialization is a means to an end, not the end itself. She doesn't mind the company of others, but mostly keeps that company to a small group she has some level of trust for, or those she has use for.