Lanai Kel'Raethe
Game Information
Game Name Lanai Kel'Raethe
Race Stygian
Class Necromancer
Professions Can't make up her mind yet.
Height 5'6"
Weight 130
Build Normal
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel
Age 28
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Upon first glance, there is nothing outstanding about Lanai Kel'Raethe. She is depressingly average in nearly all categories. Height, weight, looks, stance, take your pick. If you take a closer look, you'll realize... well, you'll realize that you are completely and irrevocably correct. There *truly* is nothing extraordinary about Lanai besides a slight bit of intellect and a marginally gifted talent in the world of death. There are better than her in the necromantic arts, there are worse than her. In this, too, she is average.

And she hates it. She hates her mediocrity with the pure unbridled fury of the unrelenting fires of Hades.


Oh, she knows the pleasantries, and can carry a civilized conversation on for any length of time, though she would prefer not to.


About what'd you'd expect from a wannabe single child. Born the middle child of three, she led a fairly uneventful (but slightly spoiled) childhood. Basic education with special tutors at times is about the limit of her education, besides the studying she did in her free time with her fascinations of death ...or the lack thereof.

Yes, I did mention the 'wannabe' single child. No, she did nothing so sinister as murder her parents/siblings, though those thoughts had crossed her mind before, before she banished those thoughts from her mind. However much she sometimes hated them, she also felt obliged to protect them. They *were* family. Her older brother always seemed so noble and protecting, until he ended up gutted on the wrong end of a Pictish spear...

Her little sister did live past infancy, but barely. Now, the pride of the (completely unfascinating) village the Kel'Raethes live in, the beauty of Lanai's sister spreads wide...across a few days walk, anyway. Left a bit bitter at her sister's attention, it however left Lanai with a great deal of free time to spend on her one saving grace. Necromancy.