Akarru "Kharisys" Ohli
Game Information
Game Name Kharysis
Race Stygian
Class Herald of Xotli
Guild Onslaught
Gender Female
Eyes Green
Age 21
Alignment Neutral Evil




Kharisys is generally mellow and uncommitted to being emotional. However, she is not completely logical, contrary to the stereotype. Instead, Kharisys exhibits a whimsical nature without being overly energetic. As a devotee of Xotli, she experience bloodlust, but it is surprisingly cultured and passive, like an appreciation for fine wine.


Once a child of the Stygian nobility, Akarru was sold into slavery by her guardians in order to retain their status, using the monetary gain to continue fronting a feigned state of wealth. Their emotional attachment to the child was meager at best, Akarru similarly unaffectionate. She had lived in an existence akin to a nun, mostly busying herself with tattered manuscripts, moderately aware of the dissimilarities between her own life and others of her supposed class. When she was taken away, she struggled, but with little vehemence. Her noble life offered nothing to cling onto.

Xotli had made itself known to Akarru through the mad murmurings of her fellow slaves, Xotli's name especially fearful when upon the seas. She adopted the faith as a way to occupy herself, partially schooled in the existence of the Black Kraken through the scrolls she browsed in her noble days. Her own self-taught sermons made her intriguing, the use of high-Stygian dialects proving to be of great benefit.

As a woman of unusual coloring and culture, she was best kept in the quarters of the slave-masters as a servant as well as a means to supposedly bind the wrath of the Black Kraken. Although she had no control whether or not the ship would experience misfortune, she rode the tides of superstition without complaint. Her manner pleasant for one shackled, offering no resistance towards the advances of her captors. Fortune would continually favor her, escaping harsher duties of rowing or hard labor by being exchanged between a number of masters and mistresses as a gift rather than an actual transaction.

Xotli's power began to manifest in her although she did not truly asked for it. Fiendish power cursed her blood, both a punishment and boon for being a speaker of Xotli's power without truly committing herself to the entity. At first, she thought the occasional fits of muscular inflation and corruption of her pale skin were hallucinations, but she came to realize the horror of her situation. Such changes conflicted harshly with her situation, forcing her to repress the vile taint from surfacing. More often than not, it worked, especially in times of dire necessity when her current owner exhibited a sour mood and required appeasement. Keeping her wicked aspects bound was, and still is, an exhausting endeavor, contributing to her relatively calm personality. Upon becoming tied to Xotli in flesh and blood, she changed her title from Akarru to Kharisys, symbolizing a release from her cloistered past.

She would remain a gift for two years, until given to the galley that would be struck, washing her upon the shores of Tortage.