Harpalyce Bearwarden
Game Information
Game Name Harpalyce
Nickname(s) "Harper", "Harpa", "Idiot", "Are you a him or her?", "It", "That numskull with the arrows"
Race Aquilonian
Class Ranger
Gender Female
Age 21


Harpalyce is built long and lean, although not in a good way - gangly and awkward, slightly bowlegged. Especially comparatively, she has small breasts and no butt to speak of aesthetically. From a distance it's rather easy to mistake her for a teenage boy. It doesn't help that her white-blonde hair in perpetual disarray.


Easygoing and more than slightly stupid. Most overt references to sexuality go right past her; she doesn't see herself marrying anytime soon - or marrying at all - in part to spite her mother's repeated requests for grandchildren. She considers the best reward at the end of the day to be a good drink around the fire, especially if she can twist her tales into something more extraordinary than they actually are. While gullible, she also loves spinning 'big fish tales' that have basis in truth but are stretched into wild folktale.


Harpalyce was born to a small family in the farm lands of Aquilonia, near the border to Pictish wilderness. When a band of soldiers - whether Pictish or rogues, it's uncertain - swept through, her father gathered up the family to hide in the cellar until the thread had passed. They survived, her house did not. Currently her father and mother life with her uncle in old Tarantia. She considered suddenly being homeless an excellent excuse to finally get away from home and go adventuring.


Quick sketch, on DeviantArt.