Harad the Doomsayer
Game Information
Game Name Harad
Title(s) Prophet of Acheron
Nickname(s) The Doomsayer
Race Kushite
Class Tempest of Set
Guild Brotherhood of Set
Professions Weaponsmith
Height 6'5"
Weight 220 lbs
Build Muscular
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Steel grey
Age 32
Alignment Lawful Evil


When in his robes, he looks much like an old man, his face wrinkled and aged, and his hands long and bony. However, when the grime of the desert, and the robes are replaced for armour, he actually genuinely looks his age. The one thing that never changes, despite his costume of choice, is his eyes, vibrant and alive, darting hither and thither.


Harad is a fanatic, in every sense of the word. Whether you think he is insane, or a herald of things to come is irrelevant, for his faith is nigh-unshakable. And he has the lightning, sand, and cyclones to prove it.


Born to a Kushite merchantman, Harad grew in a life of relative luxury. It was this luxury, this contemplation that led him to go forth and seek the world. Yet after traveling, only one thing called to him: Damballah, and the empire of ancient Acheron, for which he has devoted his life.