Gilzaer Zuberi
Game Information
Game Name Gilzaer
Nickname(s) Gil
Race Stygian
Class Assassin
Guild The Night Watch
Professions N/A
Height 5'8"
Weight 172lbs
Build Lean
Gender Male
Hair Dark red
Eyes Yellow
Age 24
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Gilzaer is of medium height and is very lightweight. Upon his lean build are muscles and scars bearing down upon arms and chest. Over his shoulder is a tattoo of mysterious origin. His hair, a dark red color as if drenched in blood, is unkempt and of medium length. His eyes are pierced with yellow.


Gilzaer is a man of few words. He thinks before acting, coming up with the best possible solution for the problem at hand. Strike hard, strike fast, strike from the shadows.


Born in the peasant caste of Stygian society, his mother was a peasant though his father was a priest of the middle class, Gilzaer grew up on the dirty, sandy streets of Khemi, stealing and robbing. In this way he was found by a Thieves guild and recruited. Since then, simple pickpocketing jobs and sleight-of-hand market steals have turned into trade road plunders, nobleman assassinations, and looting of traveler corpses. Eventually the guild was caught and its members turned into slaves. Gilzaer was bound for Tortage and to be sold to Sakumbe the slaver. In a miraculous event, he escaped Tortage and swam a distance back to his homeland of Stygia. Now Gilzaer works for the Mercenary Guild, The Night Watch.