Game Information
Game Name Digthon
Title(s) Aspirant
Nickname(s) Dig
Race Aquilonian
Class Assassin
Guild A Murder Of Crows
Build Moderate
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Eyes Light Blue
Age 22
Alignment Neutral Evil


Digthon appears lithe from the waist up, while his legs provide most of the power to his body. Despite a moderately charismatic face, he hides it under the shroud of whatever he is wearing at the time. This hides a self-made star adorning his left cheek, a symbol that despite his seriousness when focused on a task, he can be quite playful at the same time.


This assassin does what he wants, whether it's work to support another who was wronged, or to wrong someone else instead. He has been known to take an offensive stance against other people, although he tends to be more interested in fighting those that he perceives to be stronger than himself. Preferring the safety of anonymity he tends to stay hidden, even when engaging in conversation. When he is interested in disrupting others day's he has been known to taunt his target from the safety of the shadows, watching as he waits for the time to strike.


After receiving his mark, and washing up on to the shore near Tortage, he doesn't remember enough to make discussion of his past worthwile.