Current Bounty Status: CLOSED (for example)

Bounty InformationEdit

  • Bounty Amount: 5 silver
  • Bounty Supplier: ExamplePoster

Extra Information, if availableEdit

  • Guild of Bountied: ExampleGuild
  • Are they general solo: No, runs in group of 5
  • Time Usually Playing: 12am-5am CST
  • Last Seen Location: Wildlands
  • Other Details: He runs with 2 ToS, and 2 Dark Templar

Bounty CompletionEdit

  • Bounty carried out by: BountyHunter
  • Proof: Sacrilege-35-Demonologist
    Upload your screenshots of the deed being done as Proof of Death. Read instructions on main Bounty Page here.
  • Payment Complete: YES

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