Game Information
Game Name Abramelin
Title(s) Child of the Serpent King
Nickname(s) Abramel
Race Stygian
Class Tempest of Set
Guild Six Feet Under
Height 6'0"
Weight 165lbs
Build slight
Gender Male
Hair black
Eyes Green
Age 21


He has shoulder length black hair and green eyes, he is fit but not muscular. His sardonic smile and impish looks get him in trouble more than they help him, as seen by his present situation. Unlike most Stygians, Abramelin was born with the fair skin of his noble father. As all who are chosen by the Serpent God, He took the mark of Set upon his arm at the age of 16.


Abramelin is a truly fanatical follower of the Stygian serpent God Set, and seeks to please his master by bending all knees in Hyborea in suplication to the Lord of the Sands. His fervor comes from the belief that Set chose him above all others to lead Stygia to dominance among the nations. He is not crazy though, Abramelin is educated, polished, and civilized... well... mostly. Being the bastard son of a noble, he stands to inherit nothing from his fathers estates. This is of no concern to Abramelin, for Set is building him an Empire in the Sands...

He takes no prisoners and expects the same from his companions. He honors those who show strength and honor in battle.


The bastard child of a Priestess of Set and a minor nobleman, Abamelin was born into this world in Stygia 21 years ago. He grew up under the watchful eye of Set, and manifested his powers early. His arrogance led him to a local house of ill repute one fateful night, where some local youths clubed him and sold him to the slavemaster Sadur. Fortunately Set does not like to see his Priests in chains, and a fierce storm set Abramelin free, washed ashore on a strange island....