13th Iron Legion
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvP
Guild Master Guderyan
Contacts Guderyan, Rhaven, Ferro, Vaclav

Creed Edit

"Ever Forward, NEVER BACK!"

Charter Edit

Provide an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship, while being explicitly uncouth and unnaturally bad-ass. We want all of our players to enjoy their time with the guild and become long lasting members and friends for future games to come. We are here to progress in the game and help build a strong Role-Playing community on our server, Cimmeria.

Disciplines Edit

Duty, War, Hardship, Vengeance, Victory. We follow these disciplines to ensure that we maintain the course we have set for ourselves. We act honorably and as neutrally as possible. We honor our pacts and contracts and sacrifice for our friends and allies.

History Edit

The 13th Iron Legion was, for many years, a Poitainian heavy calvary unit. Before King Conan killed King Numedides III, the 13th Iron Legion left Aquilonian service to become a free company of mercenaries. When Conan took the throne, the 13th Iron Legion remained mercenaries, however, they pledged their loyalty to King Conan and vowed never to side against Poitain or Aquilonia.

The 13th Iron Legion is made up of peoples from all cultures and states of the Hyborian region. The Legion is run by a military style chain of command, with a single Cimmerian/Aesir Lord in command. The goal of the 13th Iron Legion is live full and hearty lives of adventure, camaraderie and victory.

Information Edit

Our website:

We have been together for seven years playing in the Mechwarrior 4 NBT League, SWG, Planetside, World of Warcraft and many XBOX Live games. We believe in being a close-knit group of friends. We try to make our games play time, not work time. If you're interested in joining up, contact Guderyan, Rhaven, Ferro or Vaclav in game and we'll sort you out from there.